The Best Shades of Red on People With Gold Undertones

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There’s nothing like a punch of red to steal the spotlight when you enter a room — of course, you want the attention to be the good kind. Red is bold and can clash with your features if you aren’t wearing the right shade. Whether it’s lipstick or a flirty frock, there are shades that better complement different skin undertones. Since you’ve already figured out that your complexion has a gold hue, all that’s left is to find your match, siren!

Warm or Cool?

Gold undertones mean that you have a warm skin tone. Most women of Asian descent fall under this category. If you’re Middle Eastern or Mediterranean with olive skin, it might be hard to tell. If you’re not sure, look at the inside of your wrist. What color are your visible veins? If they lean towards blue-green, then your tone is warm. If they’re closer to blue-purple, then you should be choosing shades for cool olive undertones.

Coral Red

A fresh twist on the classic red is a hybrid with orange: coral. Modern and fun, this shade looks awesome on gals with gold undertones because it brightens up your complexion without being too harsh of a contrast. Coral is ideal if you’re on the fair side since a darker red can make you appear sallow. Ditch your bronzer if you’re wearing this shade — finish your look with dewy pink blush on the apples of your cheeks.

Fire Engine Red

If you have naturally darker skin or a tan, fire engine red is your best friend. Planning to show it off on your pout? Ask a salesperson if the lipstick shade has blue or orange undertones before you buy. It might not be visible in the store, but you want to avoid cool-toned reds that will look stark against your skin. If you’re wearing it as clothing, keep your accessories minimal to showcase the splash of color.

Tips and Tricks

Once you’ve picked your perfect red, complete your look with the right makeup and accessories for your undertones. Steer clear of shimmery pastels, such as baby blue or lilac, that don’t flatter your warm complexion. “Seventeen” magazine advises adding earth tones such as chocolate brown, copper or olive green to your wardrobe; these are also the shades you should pick for your eye shadow. Add some bling with gold-tone accessories and exotic stones (think turquoise or red jasper).

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