How to Find the Perfect Little Black Dress

What’s the one thing that every girl needs? A sexy little black dress that wows a room and makes jaws drop (and not in horror). Now, we’re not talking about just any old black dress (and especially not the one that makes you look like grandma’s twin at a funeral); this one has to put the “F” in fabulous every time you wear it. It doesn’t matter if you’re thin, plump or somewhere in-between, the right dress will always rock your body in the best way. The key to finding your perfect LBD, however, is knowing where and what to look for.

1.Determine what you are willing to spend. There’s no use going to an expensive store if you don’t have the budget for high-end dresses. Come up with the maximum and minimum price that you’re willing to pay and let that guide you in finding the dress you need.

2.Visit a department store or boutique that carries a selection of well-made, attractive dresses in your size. You’ll also want to go someplace that carries clothing that suits your personal sense of style as well. Taking this into consideration at the outset of your search will help you determine both where you need to shop and where you don’t have to. Why waste your time shopping in a store that caters to trendy when you’re more of a retro/vintage kinda girl?

3.Take your body shape into consideration when looking for your black dress. Look for dresses that bring balance to your body, accentuate your positive features and draw attention away from those less than favorable areas. Curvy, hourglass body shapes want to look for the perfect LBD to show off your va-va-voom! and can do that best by wearing structured dresses that have fitted, V-neck tops. On the flip side, if you’re a woman with a little less in the curve department, you’ll need to create those curves with a dress that is cinched or belted across the waist to take you from straight to curvalicious. Round like an apple or bottom heavy like a pear? No worries! Empire waistlines, vertical seams and flowing fabrics are ideal choices when picking a dress that will make your body rock.

4.Look at the material and how it flows on your body. If it’s scratchy, hot or just uncomfortable, chuck it in favor of another; materials should feel good against your skin and let it breathe. The perfect dress should fit your body properly; neither too loose nor too tight. A beautiful dress, no matter how gorgeous, will look a hot mess if it’s ill-fitted, too tight or overly large.

Tips & Tricks

  • When trying on dresses, stand in front of a mirror that allows you to see not only the front of the dresses, but also a view from the sides and the back. That way you’ll know if your back is as fabulous as the front.
  • Get a feel for how your legs will look in a dress by bringing a pair of heels with you while shopping.
  • While shopping wear a bra that fits properly (not your sports bra or the old bra that you sleep in). That way you’ll get a good picture of how the girls look in any dress that you try on.

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