What Would Look Good With White Zipper Skinny Jeans?

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Those white skinny zipper jeans look fab, but how do you style them without looking like a flashback from the ’80s? If you’ve got a pair of white skinny jeans, making them look up-to-date just requires a few styling tricks. So take your look firmly into this decade and make it look amazing.

Keep It Clean and Crisp

Don’t over-think your look. Instead, pair your white zippered skinny jeans with other neutral colors. You don’t have to do white on white here. Try tying in other shades such as soft blush pinks, baby blues and nudes. Keep jewelry simple and delicate to work with the easy feel of the look. Make sure that it’s the same color as your zipper to tie it into the look.

Add Some Height

Make your jeans sexy with a sky-high heel. This works just as well during the day as it does at night. Try a pair of corkscrew or wooden wedges that’ll give you lots of fantastic height, or go for a sexy pump if you really want to up the glam factor.

Wear It In Fall

Don’t worry about those old silly rules about not wearing white after Labor Day. These days, antiquated rules are out the window — which means you can wear white whenever you please. You just have to know how to pull it off. Try a cozy cardigan, a pair of boots and a cute scarf on a cool autumn day to make your look totally seasonally appropriate.

Make It Summery

Just because you can wear denim during cooler months doesn’t mean you don’t want to embrace its summery-ness in the warmer times of the year. Add life to your white jeans by throwing on a colorful top. Make it more feminine by working in a printed piece; floaty floral tops work perfectly here, though any print you want is great. Think of your white jeans as a blank canvas, to which you can add any color you please.

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